Episode 4: Shaun and Sam

In this episode, we talk to Queer Student Union member Shaun and Sam about their experiences with QSU and how this has contributed to their time at the university.

Episode 3: Kate Eagen and Sam Mogen

For this podcast, we interviewed APO members Kate Eagen and Sam Mogen to learn about their experiences in APO, UVA’s only gender inclusive service fraternity, and how that has shaped their overall student experience.

Episode 2: Anonymous

In this podcast, we interviewed an anonymous fourth year student to learn about his experience at UVA, how that experience shaped him today, and how he came to find his home here.

Episode 1: Kirsten Hemrich

Kirsten Hemrich is a fourth year studio art and poetry major. She is a Millers Art Scholar and is the director of WXTJ Student Radio.